Underlined text has additional information to clarify more general terms. Rules may be applied retroactively. Just because you’ve forgotten does not mean it did not happen. Ignorance is NOT an excuse.

1. Advertising, Bullying, Cheating, Duping, Exploits or Griefing are FORBIDDEN and will result in possible punitive action.

2. PVP is ON. PROTECT your gear or risk losing it.

3. Begging, Chat-spamming and/ or Inflammatory content (as judged by TormentMC Staff), will

result initially in a warning followed by possible further action.

4. English ONLY in the Public chat. Cursing is permitted, bigotry and/ or misogyny is NOT.

5. Unsightly (as judged by TormentMC Staff) builds will be removed and offenders punished if done excessively.

6. Server Staff volunteer their time to keep the server balanced and fair. Show them the respect they deserve, and do NOT treat them as your personal assistant.

7. Ban Appeals/ Bug Reports/ Constructive Criticism/ Grief Reports/ Staff Applications / Suggestions/ Support Requests should be made using the Contact Forms above, and NOT reported in general chat.

8. Individual players have zero right to any level of trust on claimed land which they do not personally own. Nor may they request such trust in exchange for membership of clans/ parties/ player villages or any variation thereof.