As an Admin/ Moderator of TormentMC you represent not only the server but My World Network, should remain impartial and unaffiliated, are expected to apply and/ or enforce published rules without prejudice and, should be publicly visible on both the Discord and Minecraft server(s) i.e. avoiding excessive use of direct messaging or the equivalent and being visibly present. You are expected to be pro-active in your role. There is almost always something which can be improved, new structures which can be built, plugins which can be adjusted, etc.

Your role as Moderator/ Admin is completely voluntary and, while we cannot currently remunerate you for your time, you are given the equivalent of the highest tier paid rank, and may use all the perks this affords you during your play time. In return, you are expected to not disparage the server or network, whether explicitly or implicitly.

You should not however, use your staff permissions to aid, passively or otherwise, yourself or other players. Examples being the use of social spy to intercept and/ or disrupt acts against friends. Or specific plugin command use to assist others in overcoming server restrictions. Or use of ‘creative’ to gain blocks/ items not normally available, for your own personal use.

Commands available to you*, in addition to those of the paid rank, are:

/ban – should not be used in isolation except in extreme cases.
/gamemode Creative/Spectator (rank specific)
/lp group pve listmembers – Verify the players who are excluded from PVP
/lp user pvp – ‘promote’ player to PVE only (may only be used one time) or demote back to regular
/tpsbar – Unobtrusively sits at the top of your screen and provides real-time server TPS information

*The list is not exhaustive and additional commands may be present. On acceptance, you should, if you have not previously done so, run the ‘/discord link’ command while on the server, as this will synchronise your ranks(s) to your discord profile.